never tanned..have coyote, please help :-)

Submitted by tracey on 10/21/00. ( barnladytracey )

I need some help, and am short of time for browsing. I found a beautiful, freshly killed coyote by the side of the road tonight. I want a full featured furry skin when I am done. I have skinned it (including lips, nose, ears and paws) and salted it for now... what next? How much flesh do I need to remove from the paw pads? They are still kind of fatty. I removed everything from the base of the ears, how far up do I need to go? What about the nose? I skinned the tail. It was a good homeschool science lab :-) I would like to tan the pelt without ordering expensive or dangerous chemicals as I have childen and am expecting. I understand I can use things like alum and salt? Can someone give me directions or refer me to some? Thank you, Tracey

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never tanned

This response submitted by Terry on 10/21/00. ( )

Hi Tracey,
Don't panic its not that hard to tan an animal.If you have turned the ear inside out to the edges and the eyelids to the fatty folicles at the base of the eyelashes and split the nose in the center on the inside then turned each nostril till it resembles a small tube then turned the lips to the edges again from the inside you have done well so far.Salting was the correct step next.Now allow the hide to dry hard then rehydrate in cool water with a bactericide that is available through any taxidermy supplier.Then purchase a tanning kit from WASCO or another supplier.Rittel's EZ-100 tanning kit (EZ100 in WASCOs catalog at 23.95)is safe to use at home.I hope this helps

tanning coyote

This response submitted by Terry on 10/21/00. ( )

I'm sorry about the feet or any part of an animal all the fat,meat and membrane must be remove completely.After pickling in citric acid this will be easier to do.A wire wheel in a drill or a small wire wheel in a dremel will work to remove most of the membrane and fat.Use the dremel on the face and maybe the feet it to small to do an entire coyote.Good luck.E-mail me if you need futher help.

Since it was freshly killed

This response submitted by CHUCK on 10/22/00. ( )

I hope that you wore some type of protective gloves while doing the skinning ,especially near the head(teeth area) These animals carry all sorts of dangerous parasites and viruses.You say you are expecting a child soon-it might be a good idea to tell your doctor know you have been around a potential rabies carrier. Normally when I get a predator to mount the first thing I do is put it in the deep freeze for a good month-that way some of the potential bloodborne pathogens are killed off.
Anyhow , good luck with the 'yote they can turn out to be very beautiful.

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