EZ-100 instructions for Auto-Tanner from Bruce

Submitted by Terry Wiesel on 11/7/00. ( katydidone@earthlink.net )

Bruce I've tried to e-mail you three times and haven't gotten any response.I've used the e-mail address that is posted here on the forum but still no answer.I have ez-100 and just bought an Auto-Tanner and would like your directions for its use.If you see this or anyone who has the instructions would e-mail them to me I'd be very grateful.Thanks in advance.

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They're coming!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/8/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

Your instructions are coming. We've been having to cope with a computer glitch here - so we've been slow on responding here lately. We should be OK by this weekend.

One thing about using Rittels EZ-100 or Lutan in the Auto Tanner. Since they dont shrink the skin like Alum does - a lot of our customers simply pickle their skins and then tan them in it. The pickle firms the skin and it also allows you time to shave as you find time. This is particularly true if you were doing a large thick hide that need 2-3 shaves! If you tanned it for 2 hours, shaved it (which may take awhile), and returned it for another 2 hours to finish, you may find you dont have enough time to do a good job on it, or because you're rushed for time, it simply takes too much time. It would be better to first pickle and shave it (2-3 times), then tan in the auto tanner.

However I also sent you our instructions for using a pre-soak in a PI-641 Rittels Preservz-It solution too, prior to tanning - use whichever method is more convenient.

Thanks Bruce

This response submitted by Terry Wiesel on 11/9/00. ( katydidone@earthlink.net )

Thanks Bruce for answering I was wondering what was wrong you have always been great at answering my questions.I'll be looking for the instructions can't wait to try my auto-tanner.

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