Capemaster Fleshing Machine (Repost)

Submitted by Dave Toms on 11/8/00. ( )

I had made a post on 10/11-00 stating I was not happy with my Capemaster fleshing machine due to excessive vibration and noise. Well Keith called me promptly and made arrangements to fix my machine. I couldn't go without it at that time so he sent me a new machine. I said I would post my findings here and so I am

This new machine is without a doubt one of the smoothest and quitest machines I have seen. I would not and do not hesitate to highly recommend them. Keith, I thank you for go far above-and-beyond what you had to do. Thanks again for a quality machine and superior customer service.

Dave Toms

PS The original machine is on its way back to keith and after talking to him I believe that UPS had damaged it further then we realized and that maybe the spindle was damaged?

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