tanning in s.w. Iowa

Submitted by Jeremy Wheeler on 11/9/00. ( sixwheelers@heartland.net )

I'm looking for a tannery in or around southwest Iowa,just something half way close to me. Would like to have references from others that have used them.I'm new to the tanning side so I don't know alot about it but would like to try mounting with tanned hide instead of (without stirring the pot) dry preserve.
thanks for any help!

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Midwest Tannery

This response submitted by Chris Witthuhn on 11/11/00. ( toonster03@hotmail.com )

Midwest Tannery is located in Nebraska about 1 hour northwest of Omaha.We will answer all of your questions,just give us a call and we will provide you with some references and also a price list.Our phone # is (402) 654-2423.

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