2nd coat of Liqua Tan?

Submitted by Alan Engstrom on 11/2/00. ( AEngstrom@juno.com )

I've processed my first bobcat. All seems to be going well. He's in the freezer awaiting the manikin to arrive. (He's been in the freezer 3 days) I was wondering if a 2nd coat of Liqua Tan might improve anything or would it be a waste of time?

Also, why is Joy always mentioned as a wash? Wouldn't any mild dish soap be o.k.? Especially one with a bacterial agent such as a liquid hand soap>

Do I just take him out of the freezer now and mount him or should he be moistened somewhat first?

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Not sure but.

This response submitted by Todd B on 11/2/00. ( trigger@indy.net )

I believe it would be a waste to add another coat of Liqua Tan. If you
did it right the first time it will be tanned thoroughly. I would just
wait for the mannikin and mount it up when it gets there. As far as the Joy
is concerned I cannot recall anyone mentioning Joy as a wash. The only
soap I hear mentioned is Dawn or Skin Prep from WASCO. I do not
know if others will work or not. Maybe Dawn has a lower PH balance than some of the others.

Todd B

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