Deer hides

Submitted by John on 11/2/00. ( )

I now have two deer hides in the freezer waiting to be tanned. Bruce I need some help, your EZ100 tanning kit instructions. Now will that tell me everything that I need to get? If not could you please let me know. This is my first time at this. Man, have I got a lot to learn about tanning and the like.

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me too!

This response submitted by Brandon on 11/2/00. ( )

I need them to!

I am in need of instructions on using ez-tan I got the stuff

This response submitted by Leon on 11/3/00. ( )

I am in need to instructions on using ez-tan I got the stuff but no instructions help Bruce


E-Mail Me your addresses!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/3/00. ( )

I'd be glad to send you all out a free copy of our EZ-2000 Kit instructions! But I need your US Postal mailing address. They are not on our computer. Click onto my E-Mail address in the header above and send it to me - we'll mail out a copy of our current Rittels Pricelist and the instructions.

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