Hair Slipping HELP!

Submitted by Jason on 11/9/00. ( )

I'm working on tanning my first deer hide. I caped and salted in good time, I let the hide dry hard with salt, rehydrated and the hair was tight. Then I put it in my pickle, thats when my problems began. After 24hrs the hair was very tight then today I noticed the hair starting to slip, this was after 48hrs. The ph was between 1.5 and 2. In a panic I took it out of the pickle and put it in cool water. What should I do now? I'm upset It's ruined. Please Help!

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Mistake on my part.

This response submitted by Jason on 11/9/00. ( )

I think I might know what happened. While in the Pickle solution a small part of the hide was not totally submersed and when I would check the PH I would turn the hide over exposing the other side. The hair on the head and upper neck are in excellent condtion very tight where the were always totally in the Pickle. I have it in the Pickle solution now fully submersed. Can I get some hair tightner to fix the problem? If yes what kind and how do I use it.

Thanks to all of you experts for taking the time to help people who are just learning!

I am not sure there is anything else you can do

This response submitted by Leon on 11/10/00. ( mith124@hotmail )

I am not sure if there is anything you can do know that the hair is sliping, some places sell products that can help but if the hair is comming out, it will come out. I see that this is your first deer hide. I know how it feels as the exact same thing happen to me, I end up making buckskin, which end up bad anywise but you will learn and everytime you tan you will get better. I am new at this so I would wait an see what the experts say in this forum


Damaged before you started

This response submitted by Terry on 11/11/00. ( )

Jason is possible that your cape was damaged by bacteria before you ever started tanning.Was the hair side dry when you salted it,if not bacteria could have had a chance to grow and do damage before the salt could dry the skin.I haven't had any slippage during the pickling stage and have left capes go for weeks.Also after putting the cape through a pickle never soak it in plain water or you may cause a condition know as acid swell.Bruce Rittel recommends washing capes and furs when you shave them and then return them to the pickle just don't soak them for long periods of time.Acid swelling makes the skin feel like rubber and renders it useless.If you can think of any other possiblities e-mail me and maybe I can help.

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