Allergic to deer hair...

Submitted by Jim A. on 11/10/00. ( )

I knew I was allergic to whitetail deer hair and blood, discovered that a long time ago. I guess that's why I only mount birds. I just came back from Wyoming with a Mule Deer and low and behold I am allergic to them silly bastards also. Anybody out there with the same problem? If so, what kind of meds helped you. I can handle deer hide once tanned, but in the field my hands get hives and I sneeze non- stop for hours. I still shoot and gut my own animals regardless of the pain I go thru. Any help would be appreciated. AAAACCCHHHHHoooooooo.

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This response submitted by Dan on 11/10/00. ( )

A fellow taxidermist with allergies, unbelieveable. I am allergic to deer blood. I don't believe it's the hair. My remedy is that I always use latex gloves when handling all game. I take an over the counter allergy pill, it does'nt really matter which one. Although I usually take one more than they suggest. If that does'nt work you could try Claritin I believe that is a perscription drug but they work really well too, I've used them on a number of occasions. Whether gutting a deer in the field or working on one in the shop I roll up my sleeves put the gloves on and go to it. I am careful to minimize the hair to clothes contact. When I'm working I wear a long sleeve apron rolled up also. I remove the apron promptly when I'm done. I rarely get any goo above the gloves. Just a little on my wrists maybe. Thats only in the field though. I've seen guys with blood to the elbows. How? I wash frequently even in the field I get my hands washed off promptly. Water bottle, creek, Camelbak. Whatever is handy. Anyway, hope this helps. It's inconvenient sometimes but theres not much you can do. Good Luck!

MAybe Benedril

This response submitted by John C on 11/10/00. ( )

I have a friend thats got the same problem, she uses over the counter Benedril (SPelling I know) but it may save you a trip to the DR for a perscription.

it's not the hair

This response submitted by jt on 11/11/00. ( )

it's the protiens in the blood and saliva that gets on the hair. go see an allergist and he/she can give you medication to make you less sensitive to these protiens. my guess is you might be allergic to antelope, or goats etc.


Bugle Magazine

This response submitted by Barry Buras on 11/11/00. ( )

Jim I just read an article in a old Bugle Magazine (RMEF) that talked about this and was quite informative on it and the precautions for the allergy. If you like I'll find it and copy the article for you. Do you have an email address?

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