Saftee acid?

Submitted by KEV on 11/10/00. ( )

Just want to double check. Mixing my first batch of Saftee acid, 20 gallons of water, 20 lbs. of salt, 10 fluid ounces of acid. Is this sufficient for 5 Midwest deer capes? Should my salino meter read 40%? Should my ph read between 1.0 and 1.5? Do I need to add bactericide? How often should I check the ph and salt level?
How do I raise or lower the ph level? Thank You!

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This response submitted by j.barber on 11/10/00. ( )

you need to make sure you stir the solution every day when using safety acid.


This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/11/00. ( )

Everything you mentioned is fine - except - please - don't add bacteriacide! At a 1.0-1.5 Ph level all bacteria are killed anyway, so you skins are aterile! Bacteriacide is over-used, and will only jump your Ph level up high if you use it with Saftee Acid. Keep it simple.

Otherwise - if your capes weigh an average of 8 lbs. (or less) a piece when rehydrated, relaxed and drained, then 20 gallons should be fine.

I'd check the Ph level and salt content after its mixed and before placing in the capes, and then about an hour later check the ph level again, to make sure the Ph is still stable and hasnt jumped above a 2.0. To lower the Ph add more Saftee Acid. To raise the Ph - disolve a little Baking Soda in water and add it very slowly in steps to your pickle. After each dose - check the ph level after stirring.

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