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Submitted by Jason on 11/4/00. ( )

I'm working on tanning a deer hide and I'm using Lutan-F. My question is after I take it out of the tanning solution, I rinse it, oil it (is Satanol ok?) then tumble it in hardwood sawdust? Correct?
I won't be mounting it for a few days this does not cause a problem does it? When I'm ready to mount it do I just soak in water for awhile?

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This response submitted by terry on 11/4/00. ( katydidone@earthlink.net )

Jason after you oil it just hang to dry,then rehydrate is 4 ounces of salt per gallon of water,then you can tumble in towels or sawdust to remove moisture from the hair and if you add mineral spirits to the sawdust it will clean oil from the hair also.Use commercial sawdust not lumbermill sawdust because it will stain the leather and may stick in the fur or hair.

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