hair curling

Submitted by Dave on 11/11/00. ( )

I had a few capes have the hair curl, I use formic acid and lutan-f(n) all my ph and salt levels are good.So I took a look at the (search) forum. and low and behold! I am not alone. I had even seen one person relate this to crop circles. huh? Well I was very glad to see I was not alone. The bad part is I see no one had a solution to this. Now I know anyone can guess what it might be...But does anyone know what the real problem is? I have been taking notes and thought it was the oil, but it's not. It was fine till it came out of the lutan-f(n) and I am prtty sure it is not the lutan, I was thinking that some thing may have happened from the acid to the baking soda bath (shocking) the cape. But this is hard to figure out as all capes don't curl. And help would be great. Thanks.....

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Happen that sometimes just short of hair slipping it will

This response submitted by John C on 11/11/00. ( )

CURL, normally this happens when you stack hids one on top of the other during salting. Have a seperate rack where the capes are NEVER stacked on top of each other and I think your problems will be GONE.


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Hi Dave, If you find an answer call me, Sometime they do curl sometimes they don,t curl, I use different acid than you and have the same problem.I have noticed that the collics appear after the pickling process,and before neutralizing, so I don't think it's the Lutan, Maybe the PH of the acid? I'm currently making sure there fully neutralized before putting hides in the tan.I sure would like to fix this.... any experts out there?

A few suggestions

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Sometimes the bacteria in the hide causes this to happen. I have noticed that before they slip the hair will curl.I have also noticed thatleaving them folded for long periods of time the hair will seem to take a set and stay that way.I do think that sometimes the curl is just there,the deer in my friends study pen have the curl that you talk about, mother nature's design.I also won't rule out the crop circle theory (laughs)I think you are right when you say that nobody know's the real problem.

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