Salt first?

Submitted by Dave on 11/12/00. ( )

Ok this is the deal, A fellow taxidermist skins a deer, does all the prep work( turns ears, splits lips nose & bla bla) put's it in a formic acid (ph 1.5/2.0) good salt and all that, now I salt(not hard) I don't have any slippage problem, well unless the deer or what ever is junk to start with, Now He told me forget the pre salting thing, and showed me a deer he mounted many moons ago. And It looks very good. So I tried it and the cape came out just fine, so if the salt is to just get rid of unwanted trash in the skin and to lock hair, and I have no problem, why salt first? Any anwsers from the BIG DOG's would be great! thanks

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 11/13/00. ( )

No never forget to salt and dry hard. That's the first step into having a hide preped for any kind of tanning and help in stopping hair slippage. Bruce Rittel has written many topics on this in Breakthrough magazine. It would be wise to read why this step is done. Sure yo may a cape or two with no slippage but there will be a day when all goes wrong.
Also check the archives a lot has been written on this too.

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