taxidermy tanning

Submitted by Neil on 11/6/00. ( )

Hello. I was curious which tannery you used for your tanning if you dont do your own. I have tried doing it myself but dont have the equipment for it (or time). I have used one tannery but it took over 1 year to get hides back and I wasnt too impressed with the quality. I am only a hobbiest so I dont have a lot of furs to be tanned, and most tanneries wont even deal with me because of my not having a license. So if any of you have a good tannery that will deal with a low volume please let me know. Thanks. Neil.

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Try East Coast Tannery

This response submitted by Kristoph on 11/6/00. ( )

1-877-tan-furs....they do nice work, relatively quickly

K & K Tannery & Fur Dressing

This response submitted by Ron on 11/6/00. ( )

Another very very good tannery is K&K Tannery Talk to Gary or Diana Kies their number is 877-787-3665. I have used them and the turn around times is just great and the tanning is higher then excellent. I tried them and really like their work and will send all my tanning needs to them. Give them a call you won't be sorry and their prices are very fair.

Midwest Tannery

This response submitted by Lloyd Witthuhn on 11/6/00. ( )

We here at Midwest Tannery would be glad to accept your work.Our prices are fair and we do quality work with a quick turn around time.
Give us a call at (402) 654-2215 and we will send you out a price list.We are located in Nebraska.


This response submitted by neil on 11/8/00. ( )

Thanks guys will give these a try.

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