Have moose hide, need to tan (or have tanned?)

Submitted by Chris Tremblay on 11/6/00. ( ctrembla@cisco.com )

Hi folks,
I have a cow moose hide in the freezer (been salted once) which I
would like to have tanned but the few non-committal quotes I have received
are daunting and I'm thinking of trying it myself. Problem is that
I haven't seen any kits which cover very large mammals, just deer size
or smaller.

Overall the process doesn't sound out of my league but I also don't want
to screw it up. Any suggestions? Or price quotes? (Even better).


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No Kit needed Just LIQUA TAN

This response submitted by Mark on 11/6/00. ( Knoblochs@worldnet.att.net )

If you want to try this yourself you can get some Liqua
Tan 1 qt and 1 qt of Tanning oil #1, Citric acid 5# .
Thats all that you will need. If you don't have a round
knife then you can use a wire Wheel on a hand grinder
and thin it with that. I'm not sure you will want to learn
on a moose but I guess you gotta start somewhere. If you
want to send it out then email me your address and I can
give you a tannery that is close to you.If you end up wanting
to do this also email me your address and I can send you a
free booklet on how to tan.


Knoblochs Chemical Co.


This response submitted by Mike on 11/9/00. ( masowell@megalink.net )

Either E/M Bruce Rittel [you can find his E/M here,sorry don't have it in front of me] or call[508]822-3821. He can fix you up,his products are top of the line and also he is very good about answering any questions you might have. I have had some pretty tough problems over the past few years and his products have pulled me out with ease. Oh sorry Bruce also you have helped.

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