Acid Bate By Rittel's

Submitted by Ernie on 11/6/00. ( )

I have just started to use Rittel's Acid Bate and am amazed on the softness it produces. I wasn't sure if this would make a difference but the skins after going through the complete tanning process have absolutely no memory. They are as easy to manage as a wet bath towel.
I figured I get it for a few pigs skins because most pigs are very greasy. When I used it in a deer pickle and finished the Skins useing the ez-tan and pro-plus oil WOW. These capes feel like the capes you get from some of the leading tanneries . I am sure that a bateing Agent is used by these tanneries. The difference is very noticable.Try it and you'll continue to use it Garanteed!

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Same Great Results

This response submitted by Dan's Fur and Hide on 11/6/00. ( )

I tried it after reading a post here on the t-net. I was having some problems with the greasy hides, beaver and coons, having hard areas in the neck and back. Acid bate added to the pickel made a definite improvement. I have not tried it on deer, but plan on it. Dan

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