Will it slip?

Submitted by Ramo on 11/13/00. ( )

I have an elk cape that could be trouble. It sat in a walk-in cooler for 14 days before being brought in to me. I salted it for 3 days, but didn't let it dry hard ( I know I should have). I pickled it in acid bath crystals from Van Dykes for 7 days. I took it out this weekend, and neutralized it. I also rinsed it in a washing machine. I had about two handfuls of hairs come out. It looked like a lot, but it wasn't slipping, they were just individual hairs. I now have had it in a LutanF solution for 24 hours. My question: If I take it out of the tan, and let it dry hard, and the hair doesn't fall out, can I assured, that it will not slip when I rehydrate it and mount it? I don't want to order the form if it's going to slip.

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At this point don't dry it hard.

This response submitted by John C on 11/13/00. ( )

I also get lots of hair from Elk, just like you talked about. Now is maybe the time to get it out of the tan (DONT OVER TAN IT) oil it let drain for several hours and freeze it. I have had lots of good luck doing them this way.


This response submitted by MarkV. on 11/13/00. ( fishspec30@centurytel.net )

John is right. At this point you run the risk of losing the hide completely. Finish tanning procedure,oil and freeze. When your ready to mount remove from freezer and tumble lightly then proceed with mounting. Elk have loose comming out here and there but if you made it this far with it it should be ok. Good luck, MarkV.

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