Tannig a wild boar hide

Submitted by Chad on 11/15/00. ( idahohunter@hotmail.com )

Hi, I just have one question. Sence pigs are so fatty do i need to degrees a wild boar hide? i have taned deer elk and more but never a hog
thanks Chad

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Wild Boar

This response submitted by Marc on 11/15/00. ( CapeFearTaxidrmy@aol.com )

Chad, You may want to try it yourself, but I wouldn't recommend it. You'll be much happier in the long run I believe if you send it to a reputable tannery. Good luck! Marc

Chad try this

This response submitted by Alan on 11/15/00. ( asmith@comsys.net )

Chad I have tanned and mounted several wild boar. I have used the Rinehart cream tan on all of these with great sucess. I have never used a degreasing agent on these. Simply flesh clean and salt down the hide, on the second day shake out the wet salt then resalt and flint dry. Now rehydrate the hide and drain out excess water. Apply the cream tan and let stand overnight then wash out with dawn dishwashing liquid and mount.Its pretty hard to ruin a boar hide as the hair doesnt easily slip. Whatever tan you decide to use you should be OK without a degreaser as long as you flesh clean,salt and flint dry.,

lutan F

This response submitted by Ramo on 11/16/00. ( )

I've done a lot of hogs, with lutan F and I haven't had any problems. I thin the hide down until I can start to see the hairs. Sometimes you have to take up to an inch off. I do this before salting.

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