Tannery IN Montana

Submitted by Fritz Riesinger on 11/15/00. ( istuffem@montana.com )

Its that time of year again and we have a few openings left before we start to refuse work. Our idea of business is to stay small enough to return your product in a fast manner but large enough to give you a professional and quality tan. Speacializing in deer and elk hides and capes we treat you as a person and not a number. Your business is important to us and we gaurantee our work. Please feel free to email us for a pricelist or feel free to call (406)633-2676. You tell us how fast you need it back!

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Coyote hides? Beaver hides?

This response submitted by Slim Pedersen on 11/28/00. ( trap@midrivers.com )

Just found this forum and so your posting. Where are you located in Montana? Do you tan coyote hides? Do you tan Beaver fur? Prices? lead time? quantity price breaks?

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