Help with deer skull

Submitted by Mihael on 11/16/00. ( )

I have a friend that has asked me to further clean a deer skull with antlers attached. The skull is almost completely cleaned and already dried. But it still has some membrane or flesh dried on it. I want to know how to soak this thing and in what to loosen the dried stuff that needs to come off. Any ideas?

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This response submitted by Kristoph on 11/16/00. ( )

get some sal aoda [soda ash] from WASCO and bring a pot of water to a slow rolling boil, submerse the skull only into the mixture of Sal Soda and water breifly, remove and rinse remaining tissue and membrane off. The mixture will turn any remaining matter to a jello-like substance that about falls of luck with your project!

Old Fab or any other powdered laundry soap

This response submitted by John C on 11/16/00. ( )

I use Fab or any other powdered laundry soap 1/2 cup to 2 gallons water and slowly bring it up to 170 degree Far. Keep scarping from time to time then use Hydrogen peroxide to bleach it.

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