ducks only info on hides

Submitted by Eric on 11/17/00. ( ecmajors@fullnet,com )

a friend wants me to work on a boar head every one says ducks are harder then hides I doubt this any info on good books for starters dont forget WASCO cataloge wont be sent out for a month or so and I never have gotten one of theirs any books i can order would be of great help thanks eric

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This response submitted by George Roof on 11/17/00. ( )

Trust your friend. Then call WASCO, they have an 800 number and ask the operator to suggest a book or a tape on defatting ducks. You don't NEED the catalog if you know what you want and the catalog won't help you in any way as to how the operation is done.

And just for grins, why does it seem that no one EVER has problems with any other supply company on this net? I've been at this job a few weeks and I haven't found any supplier completely without guilt, but all I ever see mentioned is the host of this web site. Makes me sort of wonder.


This response submitted by jeff c on 11/18/00. ( )

i'm having major problems trying to get a catalog sent to me from buckeye! i've called twice and emailed once. its been about 4 months since the first call and still no catalog! i guess they just dont need the buisness !

and research struggles on orders

This response submitted by Kristoph on 11/18/00. ( )

Research has screwed up 3 of my last 4 orders, never had a problem with WASCO and have been dealing with them for quite some time

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