Formeldehyde alternative ?

Submitted by rob on 11/18/00. ( )

For years now i have been using formeldehyde to inject my birds feet to pump them up and also a drop on the eyes to lock the eye lid in place,giving that it is not a very nice chemical i was wondering what alternatives there are available.and what drawbacks if any are there with the alternatives. Many thanks in advance Rob.

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Yes! It is available!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/18/00. ( )

It is availble - we carry it here at Rittels Tanning Supplies. It does everything Formaldehyde does - and uses the same doage and formulas - but - it is not a carcinigen and does not cause cancer like Formaldehyde! Click on our name in this response and go to our website for prices.


This response submitted by Marc on 11/18/00. ( )

The product Bruce is referring to is called Preservz-It or PI-641, and I highly recommend it. Just my two-cents! Marc

Works GREAT!

This response submitted by Bob C on 11/20/00. ( )

Rob, Bruce's preserves-it works great. I've used it alot and I believe it works as well as formaldehyde. It actually smells kinda good ! Dont tell Bruce I said that, your still not suppose to smell the vapors.Like all of Bruces stuff, its the best !

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