Submitted by fred on 11/18/00. ( )

i want to know do i have to use soft water in my tanning solutions or will untreated well water be ok?

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Well water is fine.

This response submitted by John C on 11/18/00. ( )

Your well water is fine, you may need to adjust the Acid you mix, more or less depending on the hardness of your water. 1.5-2.0 is what your looking for to use as a pickle.

Also before dumping any pickle use baking soda, to neutrailze back the the normal pH. Buy neutralizing this brings any acid back to its base elements. JOhn C

I have had

This response submitted by Mike on 11/19/00. ( arrowhead@qcol.net )

better results since the addition of a softner.Went to Sears and bought the least expensive model they had.I seem to get a more even tan now with better overall quality.I had very hard water with alot of iron.I wouldn't think of tanning without the softner now.Just my experience with this as you may not get the same result.

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