Scraping a deer hide, how?

Submitted by Dwight on 11/18/00. ( )

Any hints on the best way to scrape, remove flesh, from a hide before putting it in tanning solution?
Sharp or dull knife, do you cut or scrape flesh, do it wet or wait till it dries a little, does the membrane under the meat have to be cut/scraped away too?

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This response submitted by Gary on 11/18/00. ( )

Hi Dwight your best bet is to buy a video or read a book from a library it's simple to do but some illustrations are always helpful.

Good luck



This response submitted by Terry on 11/19/00. ( )

Dwight on thin skins like fox or coyote even coon you can use a dull edge well.I use a 1 inch piece of aluminum angle beveled to a dull edge.On deer something a little sharper but still dull enough to not easily cut through the skin works well.Any of the good fleshing knives work but I use the cutter from a paper cutter.The edge is at almost a right angle to the work surface and when you push it flat it scrapes very well and if I raise it and slash across the hide it cuts like a knive.It will remove everthing including the membrane from a deer hide.I hope this helps.E-mail if you need any more help.

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