Which fleshing machine should I buy?

Submitted by Suzan on 11/18/00. ( )

I'v got a small shop and looking for a fleshing machine. Because
this is a big investement for me what do you suggest I buy? Is price
a big issue? I would like to think that teaching instructions are very
important? Is a fleshing machine so difficult to learn to operate?
Please send suggestions.

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fleshing machine

This response submitted by Larry on 11/19/00. ( hidebeak@cpinternet.com )

Are you planning on to do your own tanning or will you be sending it out? If you'd like call me at 218-729-8452, I'll be happy to discuss why I asked.

Witch machine should you buy?

This response submitted by George on 11/19/00. ( )

Hi Suzan,
I just bought a Quebec Lite. Fantastic! For the price, I should
have done so a long time ago. I'm sure to get my moneys worth before
next year.

Fleshing machines

This response submitted by Bob on 11/20/00. ( )

We offer both the Dakota IV Detail Flesher and the Dakota V Commercial Flesher. I would be happy to talk with you about the advatanges and disadvantages of both. I may be reached at 1-800-843-3320 ext 212, or ask for Bob Phillips

Have you heard of the Quebec "Lite" ?

This response submitted by Gerard Tessier on 11/20/00. ( fleshing@atreide.net )

Hi Suzan,
We manufacture a machine made specialy for the part time or one
man shop. It's the easiest machine to learn on. Our one hour video
teaches you step by step how to ajust, how to use the sharpeners,
how to hold the skin, how to do around the ears, eyes, lips, edges,
corners, etc. (25 years experience), fatty black bear skins and even
raw racoon skins.
It can ajusted to 3-4-5 inch wide bite, or as detailed as fleshing
between the nostrils. Its all in the designe and the detailed
instructions.If you have a problem, call me on my watts line,
1-800-567-5080 fleshing machines are my only business. After
thousands of demonstrations in conventions I have a prety good idea
of what problems you may find and how to solve them.
Our customers are never left holding the bag. I feel obliged to start
you on the right foot so you get your moneys worth. A fleshing machine
should be a money maker not a disapointement.

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