Bruce, I need help with tanning a bear skin for mounting

Submitted by Lance on 11/19/00. ( )

Bruce, I recently had a bear given to me and was wondering about the proceedure for degreasing and tanning.I'm going to full body mount this one and I want to do this one in-house.
I use a citric acid pickle and liqua-tan. Is this proceedure ok? Please explain the proceedures that I need to know.
Thanks Bruce,


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Best to contact Knoblochs!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/19/00. ( )

Sorry - but since the paint-on tan you mentioned isn't our product - I've had very little experience using it. Go to WASCO's list of suppliers on the Taxidermy Net Homepage here and click on. Most suppliers have an E-Mail access on their websites that you can use for such questions.

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