Info on Quebec lite fleshing machine

Submitted by Dave on 11/20/00. ( )

Am thinking about getting a fleshing machine and have been seeing alot about the Quebec lite. Only do 10-15 deer heads a year. Where can the Quebec Lite fleshing machine be obtained ( thru what company )? Is it also good for doing the bigger mammals?

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Info from Mr. Fleshing

This response submitted by Gerard Tessier on 11/20/00. ( )

Hi Dave,

The Quebec Lite was designed for small one man shops or part time
taxidermists such as you. I can flesh as fast with the lite as with
the regular Quebec. Colorado Tanning and taxidermy school told me
they fleshed an elk cape without any problems. Bigginers love it
because it is more forgiving, practicaly noseless and the price is
wright. It can be purchased directly from us, the manufacturer,
simply dial 1-800-567-5080.


This response submitted by Marc on 11/20/00. ( )

I cut my teeth on the original Quebec machine, was wondering what the "Lites" are retailing for? Marc

Quebec Lite prices

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 11/21/00. ( )

The Quebec Lite head unit only is $375.00 (U.S. dollars).

The Quebec Lite complete with laminated plywood table (the same table and legs as the Quebec industrial model) sells for $685.00. Quebec fleshing machines are also available in the US through WASCO.

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