Air mini-flesher-info needed

Submitted by CHUCK on 11/21/00. ( )

I have a 5 hp 27 gallon upright air compressor and plan to buy the Guinn flesh-all mini shaver. Does anyone have one that could give me some pros and cons of this tool? How long does it take to do a deer hide(cape)on the average? I currently flesh and shave by hand and it takes me a good 2 hrs to get it done. How do you support the hide when using the shaver or do you lock the shaver down and pass the hide over it as like a normal flesher? Thanks all

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This response submitted by Terry on 11/21/00. ( )

Chuck the mini-flesher is a very good tool for fleshing.I would have quit taxidermy by now if it were not for the mini-flesher.I generally fleshed the meat and fat off with a fleshing knive and then shaved the skin thinner with the mini after it was pickled.You can also turn everthing and beam and salt then remove the remaining material the next day after the salt has stiffened the flesh.It does a very good job on the face and even lets you get between the whisker roots.Just make sure you adjust it even with or very very slightly past the guard and you won't cut holes.Dale has a video you can rent or buy for twenty dollars which I recommend you get.Any questions just e-mail me.

a hand knife is faster and easier than a mini flesher.

This response submitted by Tom on 11/21/00. ( )

Hello Chuck,

If you have any fleshing to do, lets say more than four skins a year
don't wast your money on a mini. If your not a taxidermist on well fare,
get a good one. I'v been there and sorry I did.

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