Mounting Older Tanned Hides

Submitted by Chris on 11/21/00. ( )

I know that hides tanned using some types of tanning solutions are hard to mount if a year or so has passed since the tanning occurred. My question is that if the method of tanning is unknown, and a hide is given to you that was tanned more than a year previously, is there anything that can be done to make the hide mountable (re-oiling or something else)? Or do you just soak it up and hope for the best?

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I remounted a deer hide that was stored for two years

This response submitted by Brett on 11/28/00. ( )

Hey Chris,
The hide was a bit stiff, but I rubbed it liberally with oil of mink once a week for three weeks and placed it in a warm dry area of my work room. It worked out well, and was alot easier to work than its dry, stiff state prior to treatment.
Just something I tried and it worked out.
Good Luck--Brett

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