Shaving and pickle ... harmful?

Submitted by Chuck M. on 11/22/00. ( )

This is a question that I've been wondering about for a while but I've never asked. Do you wear gloves when shaving your hides? I pickle using saftee acid and I've never had the nerve to take off my gloves when handling the hides during shaving. In fact, I wear gloves during the entire process until I'm done oiling my hides. I've been using Rittel's EZ-100. What does everyone else do?

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Don't Change!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/22/00. ( )

You're wise to have developed safe habits now! Most people wait until something happens to convince them that they should always be cautious. Keep wearing your gloves. I wear surgical gloves. If you shave without them, you may feel you cheated and got away with it, but by the time your hands begin to redden - its too late! You've experienced an acid burn. I'm glad you brought up this subject because too many Taxidermists do not wear gloves while they shave, and they definitely should! In a business like Taxidermy or Tanning, where you depend so much on the use of your hands, safety should be a #1 concern to us all!

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