Softening pelts?

Submitted by Kritterman on 11/23/00. ( )

I was wondering how to get coyote, fox, beaver, etc. pelts soft without a large tumbler? I've been using a liqui-tan rehydrating, tumbling in a 30 gallon sawdust tumbler to dry first then been breaking the skins by hand and hitting them lightly with a sander. I'm pretty happy with the results, but wish they could be softer. Any suggestions? Or is a large tumbler the best way to soften hides?

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Try this

This response submitted by Bob C on 11/29/00. ( )

Kritterman, Sometimes good things are worth waiting for ! Try changing your tanning method. Liqutan is good for tanning for mounts but is hard to use for tanning for soft skins. Try Rittles EZ100. Its the same tan used by many commercial tanneries. I've tanned many fox and coyotes with it and it requires very little breaking on the finished hide, even on the head. The breaking can be done by hand by just streatching the skin.

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