To much salt?

Submitted by S. Poirier on 11/24/00. ( )

Could you put to much salt in your pickel brine? If so what would happen? thank you for any help

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You'd waste your Salt!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 11/24/00. ( )

What will probably happen is that you would begin to see salt on the bottom of your container once you have saturated the solution. Will it hurt anything? No. But you would be wasting your Salt. However - if you mix a Salt Brine (2-4 Lbs. per each 1 gallon of Water) for relaxing skins, particularly air drieds, yes, you will see salt on the bottom and it should be. Thats a normal condition with a salt brine. Its a super saturated salt mixture, and the salt unable to dissolve will fall to the bottom.

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