Brain Tanning

Submitted by Doug Barnett on 11/24/00. ( )

Help! Have a fox skin that I'm thinking about trying this old method (brain tanning)-- if anyone has the complete directions, I'd really appreciate it. Any help, pros & cons, or other suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks.

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This response submitted by *** on 11/24/00. ( )

It's already in there

brain tanning

This response submitted by jeff on 11/24/00. ( )

just use a regular new tanning method

This response submitted by jt on 11/24/00. ( )

new methods of tanning are developed because the ancient methods suck. as a medical professional, i can tell you that a brain is mostly fat (or lipids) with a small amount of protiens. when you tan a hide you should be changing the chemical makup of the protiens so they can be REMOVED from the hide. you then replace the oils in the skin after they have been removed due to the tanning process. the only thing that the brain would be used for is its fat or oils. ther is nothing in the brain that is going to change the protiens or remove them. so in reality a brain wont actually tan a hide it just adds oil and makes it pliable (and stinky).

good luck


To Jt

This response submitted by *** on 11/25/00. ( )

I thought a profesional would know there ass from there elbow. Thank god for malpractice insurance.

Two words: Merriam Webster

This response submitted by Bob Mead on 11/25/00. ( )

To "***"
People would take you a little more seriously if you at least spelled your words right, not to mention identifying yourself in your post. I will try to help you out...

1) "professional" Writing it ten times may help.
2) "their" This adjective is possesive, meaning the "ass" you mentioned belongs to someone, not a location (the aforementioned "ass", however, may be your cranium's current abode).
3) The word "God" is ALWAYS capitalized.

I am not a teacher, but I'll give you an "F" for spelling AND manners. Now, go to your room, and think about how you can try to get along with others.

Bob Mead

Good job Bob, you say it right

This response submitted by Leon on 12/1/00. ( )

you said it man,


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