Liqua-tan question

Submitted by Toby on 11/26/00. ( )

I have been using safetee acid and Liqua-tan on my deer capes. If to much liqua-tan is applied will this soak through and dull the coat? If so do I need to wash the cape after letting the tan work its 5 hours?

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Liqua Tan

This response submitted by John on 11/26/00. ( )

Toby,you can mount the skin after 5 hours, but I usually let it soak in over night,dont worry about the Liqua Tan dulling the hair side ,before I mount I give my hide a final rinse just to remove any excess oil,my mounts have a very clean shine to them ,if you have any other questions ,just call Knoblochs and ask for Mark Daniels.

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