Slipping problem!

Submitted by Steve A. on 11/28/00. ( GOLREX@ )

I'm having a problem with a whitetail cape slipping
I did everything by the book but still have a spot
about the size of a baseball that lost all of it's
hair. I think I can save it , my question is, it seems
to have stopped slipping but i'm wondering if it will
start again. I still have it in the pickle while I
flesh it.

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It may

This response submitted by Mark on 11/28/00. ( )

The slipping is due to the bacteria, if its still present then you will have more chances for slipping. You can add some Basacryl NBKU
to retard this. When you rehydrate in a rehydration bath its always a good Idea to have this in it. All you need is 1/8oz per gallon of water. You can also add about 1oz of Aluminium sulfate to each gallon of water in the pickle, this will help tighten up the hair.

Knoblochs Chemical Co.

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