Aluminum Sulfate?

Submitted by Marc on 11/29/00. ( )

I'm a little puzzled. I often see it recommended as a pickle additive. Isn't aluminum sulfate used for gardening? I believe it is added to soil to lower PH levels to 4.5, unless it reaches lower PH levels in water I don't see much pickling benifits. I currently use formic acid but am seriously considering switching over to Bruce's saftee acid, as I have been hearing many good things about it. What are the pickling benifits of Aluminum Sulfate? Any draw backs? Safety concerns? I'm getting ready to use the search feature on this site, but would also like some of your input. Any helpful replys would be appreciated. Marc

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It's Alum

This response submitted by B on 11/30/00. ( )

It's alum


This response submitted by Marc on 11/30/00. ( )

Ok it's Alum....aren't there different grades? I have seen the average garden center variety and the taxidermy supply company's, I have also seen pickling solutions which call for tannery grade, so could someone please tell me what's the difference?! Marc

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