Lutan F ?

Submitted by S poirier on 11/30/00. ( )

I fleshed, split lips, turned ears, ect. My question is. I used safetee acid with p.h. between 1.5 2.0 soaked for 3 days the hide became white. Put in Lutan F for 24 hrs. The hide didnt get any whiter did I do all the tanning right. This is my first time using this type of tanning. Is the hide ready for mounting now? It just seemed to simple.I will thin the hide down befor mounting. Thank you for any help.

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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 11/30/00. ( )

Yep you did the right thing, but I would of shaved it after the pickle. Don't worry about the hide gitting whiter because it won't.And you should be ready for the mounting process.

Did you neutralize?

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Did you neutralize the cape before you tanned it? You were a little vague in describing that part. You also stated that you put the Lutan-F into your pickle. I wouldn't do this. Mix your Lutan-F in fresh water and place your pickled cape into that ( once it has been neutralized ). If you don't neutralize your cape, the acid will continue to work on your cape and result in acid burn and deteriorate your cape over time. I'm not attempting to insult your intelligence here, only trying to add some clarity to your question. Hope my gabbing has been of some help. Good luck.



This response submitted by Dave at VanDyke's Taxidermy Supply Co. on 11/30/00. ( )

If you did'nt apply any tanning oils onto the hide, then're not ready to mount it yet.
Apply either Protal or Pro-Plus Oil onto the skin side. You need to mix 2 parts oil with 1 part hot water.allow it to soak into the skin for 3-4 hours and then go ahead and mount it.

If you need more help, give me a shout at (1-800) 843-3320 or e-mail at the address above.

Good luck to ya.....Dave

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