Will Do Hair Off Deer tanning

Submitted by Todd on 11/30/00. ( fortman@bright.net )

We will do your hair off deer hide tanning in the following colors.We offer the Saddle,Acorn Brown,and Buckskin Colors.The price on a deer hide is 44.50 per hide plus 9.00 for fleshing if this is needed done.You may just send the hide or hides along with a note of what color,tag number, and name and address with a 25.00 deposit per hide to the address below.We also offer wholesale tanning on the hides with the proper credentials.Call with any questions.

hair on deer hide tanning at 49.95 per hide plus the fleshing charge.

Fortman's taxidermy & tannery,Ltd.
14496 County Rd.66A
419-394-4188 days

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