fleshing machine

Submitted by stone on 11/30/00. ( mstone@charter.net )

I am going to buy my first fleshing machine. I am in my third year of a part time business. I do 20 to 25 deer a year.
I can't afford one of the more expensive models. There are two machines in my price range that I have been thinking about. The Dakota V and the Quebec Lite. Can anyone tell me which machine is better?

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fleshing machine

This response submitted by maxwell on 12/1/00. ( )

I can tell you that the dakota V is a very good machine,but it's the only one i've ever used. I got mine last year and i'am very happy with it. This is just my opinion, I hope i've been of some help.

Quebec Lite

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/1/00. ( georoof@aol.com )

If money is of a major consideration, you have only one choice: Quebec Lite. It's a real machine made of real cast and formed parts that should last you a lifetime.

Agree with George.

This response submitted by John C on 12/1/00. ( )

A Buddy of mine bought a Dakota V. its a very slow fleshing machine, we set it up and yes it will flesh fine, but is not meant for a ny fast production.

On the other hand Quebec has been in the business a very long time and does a very fine job on the LITE machine. It would be my choice. John C

Dakota IV

This response submitted by Headhanger on 12/1/00. ( headhanger@yahoo.com )


If time is not so much a factor and money is, I would recommend the Dakota IV Detail Flesher. It is a sawed off version of the Dakota V (available through Van Dykes). I purchased mine last year and have nothing but good things to say about it. It works great on detail areas such as the face and lips but works equally well on the larger areas too. I have fleshed out entire skins for lifesize. Although it may take a little longer to flesh out complete hides than a larger model would, the end results are the same and the price is right. At only $399.99 you can't beat it. Furthermore, the smaller unit tends to give me more control over the situation which results in fewer holes to sew up. I'm not bashing the other models and I'm sure they do their jobs well, but if you're looking for an affordable fleshing machine that can cut the mustard, the Dakota IV may be an option for ya. Good luck with your search.


Dakota IV

This response submitted by John W. on 12/1/00. ( )

Stone,I have one of the Dakota IV and it does a fantastic job of really thinning down my capes especially in the facial areas ,I do 95%of the thinning of my eyes with this machine,if you have any questions you can call Van Dykes and get in contact with service representatives or talk to some satisfied customers with which I am one.


This response submitted by Gerard Tessier on 12/2/00. ( fleshing@atreide.net )

The Quebec Lite is the new kid on the block. Prototypes have been in
trials for some mounths now and the comments from students have been
very positive. Selling for as little as $375.00, its twelve inch blade
make it as efficient as the big boys, but its slower speed is more
forgiving. If you follow the instructions in the video you get with
your machine, it can bee as detailed as you need to be around the
face, eyes, ears, lips. A smaller blade does not mean better detail,
its simply taking smaler bites in other words its slower.

Real detail fleshing comes with technique, a good feel for you machine
and the shape of your guards. If they can be adusted to expose just
enough blade as you can handle, and you learn how to adjust the angle
of the blade lip to shave the thickness desiered, you'l have complete
controle. Onece you get the how, you can flesh all day without making
a hole. The Quebec Lite will be the most popular machine on the market.

For more details, call gerry at 1-800-567-5080

Dakota IV

This response submitted by Dan R on 12/2/00. ( deerstuffer@hotmail.com )

I just received my dakota IV last week from Van Dykes. It comes COMPLETE with video to show you how to make any adjustments. I'm just getting it set up now but so far I just love. It is solid and the parts and casing are rust proof. It is also very quite. I'll be shaving with it in a week or two but as far as I can tell I believe it was money well spent. One other good point is that IF any parts (bearings, pully, belts) go bad you can replace them at any auto parts store.

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