Two Questions for Bruce Rittel

Submitted by Merle Rempel on 12/2/00. ( )

1. I am tanning a mt. goat using Lutan-F. I need to bleach the
goat. I thought it best to bleach the goat just after the
Lutan solution and prior to oiling. At what stage of the
tanning would you recommend bleaching the hair?

2. After oiling, what kind of sawdust would be the best
for tumbling the skin in, or is there something better to
use other than sawdust since the hair is so long and wool

3. I have noticed that Lutan-F is getting expensive. What
other type of tan would be similar or just as good for less
money to use?

Thanks for your advise

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2 became 3!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/2/00. ( )

Your 2 questions somehow became 3 - but thats OK.

1. I really cant answer this question, because it would depend on the supplier's product you intend to use for bleaching. They may have their own technique for "when" to bleach.
2. A lot of guys do not even tumble them, simply because its difficult to get sawdust out of that wool. If you were to use sawdust then I'd prefer using sawdust "flour" instead of the grains. The flour flour comes out easier and doesnt snarl.
3. Other excellent alternatives are EZ-100, or Lutan CR (N). Both are economical and do an excellent job.

One piece of advice on the Mt. Goat. Use a good Lanolin degreaser on it after you shave it. We sell Wool Degreaser (WD-609) and it cuts lanolin like a knife! It also rinses free - which most degreasers dont. Once the lanolin or natrual oil is washed out - you'll notice the wool is a beautiful white.

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