Pickling Time the same for Thin Skinned Furbearers?

Submitted by Andy on 12/2/00. ( )


Alot of reference is made in pickling. My question, does the pickling time differ in thin skinned animals. I see the most commom time to set in pickling solution is 3 days, but its usually reference deer capes, much thicker skinned animals. Thanks in advance.

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3 days is safe

This response submitted by Andy on 12/2/00. ( )

Hello Again,

I think ill be safe and pickle for 3 days. My next question is then how long do you want to rehydrate thin skinned animals before pickle?

Form good habits now!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/2/00. ( rittel@ici.net )

Yes - probably a thin skinned animal pickles a lot sooner than a WT deer - but on the other hand, 3 days wont hurt to wait for a thorough pickle and a nice plump skin to shave. At least your capes and skins are safe in the pickle - even if you wait 2 weeks before shaving and then going on to tan them. I treat all skins the same - that way you know its right, and you can plan accordingly.

As for rehydrating thin skins - you should leave them in your relaxing solution until they become flexible and relaxed. Most skins only take 10-12 hours, or overnight to reach that point. I'm assuming these are air drieds and you are using a salt brine to relax them.

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