checking tan

Submitted by frank on 12/3/00. ( )

When tanning with lutan f ,how can you tell if your skin is thoroughly tanned?It doesn't look much different. thanks for any help

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Follw the instructions!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/3/00. ( )

There is no "test" for whether or not its fully tanned, although usually any skin or cape in a Lutan F(N) solution at a 4.0 Ph, will thoroughly tan within 24 hours. However - rinse your skins thoroughly after neutralizing and make sure your solution is checked for a 4.0 Ph when you place your skins in it. And - dont let the skins over-tan (over 24 hours in the tanning solution)! If you do - you'll lose stretch! I usually allow them to tan for 16-20 hours, and then I pull them from the tan, rinse with water, drain, and oil.

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