Bird Tanning Methodology

Submitted by Jeff on 12/5/00. ( )

I've mounted several types of birds over the past four years. For each, upland (grouse/pheasant) and waterfowl (duck/goose) I've used a dry preservative I purchased from WASCO as the tanning agent.

Recently, I've read articles mentioning that saoking the hides in some
type of fuel is the way to properly tan a bird hide.

Is one method better than the other or does it matter? The birds I've
mounted appear to have done fine using the dry preservative. I was just curious.


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I think you are misunderstanding.

This response submitted by Todd B on 12/5/00. ( )

First of all the method you mentioned that you are currently doing is dry
preserving. It is not tanning. That is the way most guys and gals
including myself do birds. Some actually buy chemicals such as True-
Tan bird and fish tan. I think with that you will get a true tanned skin.
Now about soaking the bird in fuel. That is also not tanning. What you
are probably reading about fuel is soaking the bird skin in fuel such
as Coleman fuel,white gas or mineral spirits. These are not for tanning but
are used as degreasers.

Todd B

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