Question about capes?

Submitted by Dennis Hughes on 12/8/00. ( )

Can someone tell me about how long it takes for a cape to dry out?
I've had one salted twice and hung in the enclosed garage for about 4 days now and it seems to still be pretty moist. Just wondering if this was usual or if I needed to be doing something different.


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This response submitted by Alan on 12/8/00. ( )

You didnt say if you garage is heated or not? Either way it will take longer than 4 days to dry. If your garage isnt heated your drying time will have a lot to do with the humidity as your salt will draw moisture out of the air to your cape. Hope this helps

COld air is drier than heated air

This response submitted by John C on 12/8/00. ( )

Thats why air conditioning works. ?Have you placed a fan on it to hasten the drying time? if not do so. JOhn C

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