Lutan-F from WASCO

Submitted by Pat on 12/6/00. ( )

I just recieived 5lbs. of Lutan-f from WASCO. The instructions say to mix 1 ounce of powder to every 3 quarts of water. However there seems to be conflicting instructions on the tub of Lutan itself which say to add 1 ounce of powder to every 1 gallon of water. Can anyone tell me which way is correct? Thank you.

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Not sure.

This response submitted by Todd B on 12/6/00. ( )

My Lutan-F instructions are not even close to what yours say. I got mine
from Research a few years ago and it says to weigh your cape or skin.
and it has a chart that tells how much tanning agent,salt and water to use
depending on the weight of the skin.

Todd B

3 quarts or 1 gallon

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 12/6/00. ( )

Yes, you should weigh the skin (damp dried after neutralization). For each pound of skin, mix 1 oz. of lutan F, one cup of salt and 3 quarts of water. It would not hurt anything if you used a gallon of water per pound of skin instead of the 3 quarts. The solution would be slightly more diluted, but it would still contain the same amount of Lutan F, which in theory will all be absorbed into the skin if the weight is correct.

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