stumped on saw dust

Submitted by Mike on 12/6/00. ( )

Heres a question... Why is it recomended to tumble (hides,capes,ect..)with hard wood saw dust i.e. oak, cherry, ect... and not saw dust like Pine, or fur?

Thanks for the Info


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This response submitted by Frank Kotula on 12/6/00. ( )

Very simple pine sap will destroy your cape. There are other reasons but I just made it real qiuck and simple.

And if you like sap, you'll love cedar

This response submitted by George Roof on 12/6/00. ( )

Especially on the white birds like snow geese. I used hardwood sawdust for years (make sure it's kiln dried. Shop sawdust and sawmill sawdust don't work that well), but we've switched to corn cob flour. It seems to last longer, dry quicker, and comes out of the fur and feathers better than the sawdust.

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