Best Media For Tumbling?

Submitted by chris on 12/9/00. ( )

I'm just about to finish my tumbler and I was just wondering what the opinion is on the best media for tumbling. I have thought about corn cob, wood flour, rice hulls and hardwood sawdust. But don't really know which one will be the best. I plan on mostly using the tumbler for deer. thanks

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Hardwood sawdust

This response submitted by John C on 12/10/00. ( )

Sawdust flour is to fine, it takes forever to get it out of a skin of any kind.

Rice hulls are finley ground that they resemble sand and never dry in between uses.

Corncob on the other hand is large and just dons not work for me, its hard to remove and sticks to the flesh side of all skins.

I use hardwood sawdust from a cabinet shop down the road, it works fine and is kiln dried.

There are several source for pure sawdust i.e. hard maple, oak. Mine is a mix of walnut and oak, the first couple birds in a fresh batch are hard to clean, so I generaly run capes thru it.

Good luck John C

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