liquid tan

Submitted by pittenger on 12/6/00. ( )

can i apply liquid tan and then mount. will this work.

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This response submitted by Mark on 12/7/00. ( )

Yes you can apply the Liqua Tan and mount. Sometimes I will give it maybe an hour to penetrate real good, then mount.

liquia tan.

This response submitted by pittenger on 12/7/00. ( )

once i apply liquid tan, i dont use DP do I. So do i flesh, clean tumble, and mount. If so, does the liquid tan set the hair good.

Basic Liqua-Tan Instruction

This response submitted by John Witalison on 12/8/00. ( )

On the McKenzie Supply web site ( there is some basic instruction for using liqua-tan that should help. Once you are on the McKenzie site click "instruction" then "how to pages". Scroll down the different topics until you find "tanning". Under tanning you will find the liqua-tan instruction and a pickling Q&A article. Hope this helps.

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