Rinehart's auto tanner

Submitted by eric on 12/10/00. ( )

would like some info on the auto tanner in Rineharts catalog
if any one could give some insight on performance etc. would be
greatly appreciated.

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It works, its simple, but its expensive

This response submitted by John C on 12/10/00. ( )

Call Taxidermy Arts in Mt. Vernon, Ill. They are the people that make these machines. You add 1 1/2 gallons water to 16 oz of their crystal run the machine for 2 hours, drain the hide and shave it on your fleshing machine, run it for another 30 minute, drain and oil the hide. The small one will do most deer capes (2 at a time) but is tight for a elk. Small game come out great. But for rugs you will need a regular tumbler.


John C.............

This response submitted by Kent Palazzo on 12/10/00. ( racksnfinstax@hotmail.com )

hit the nail on the head. It works great! But I still use a tumbler for anything larger than small game animals or rugs. Depending on how many capes or skins you tan will determine if the cost of the autotanner is worth it or not. I wouldn't trade mine for nothing.
Inside of a day you can have a raw hide tanned and ready to mount, without shipping to a tannery or waiting for it to return.

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