hair slippage

Submitted by Joe on 12/10/00. ( )

I am having a problem with hair slippage on my deer capes. I successfully mounted a deer using lutan-f earlier this year and then on the second cape using lutan-f I had hair slippage. I decided to change to the Rittels ez100 to try on my 3rd deer. Everything was going good ( I thought) but I ended up having hair slippage again. The hair slippage occurred on only part of the hide and the other parts turned out great. I realize I am making a mistake somewhere, but I don't know where or what it is. I followed instructions to a "T". I flesh my own hides, could I be fleshing it too thin in spots? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I do not want to lose any more pelts.

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Are you seeing hair roots?

This response submitted by John C on 12/10/00. ( )

The only way it would be to thin is if you are seeing hair roots, other wise it is in your preperation. flesh turn every thing, SALT VERY HEAVILY for 24 hours, resalt for another 24 hours ( DURING THIS TIME CAN FLUIDS DRAIN AWAY FROM HIDE? this is a must! SLANTED TABLE!)

I go straight into the pickle at this time, checking to keep it below 2.0 at all times, do this for 24 hours (I have held hides in the pickle for 2-3 years.)

flesh repickle!

once it is pickled well.

Neutralize for 20-3- minuts or less with 2 gallons water and 3oz soda bicarbonate.

mix your tan, Lutan-F as per instructions to a pH of 4.0 place hide in for 3-4 hours.

Drain oil let dry a couple hours then mount or freeze, I always freeze fast, leave unrolled till it just starts to freeze then roll up. Not had any problem with lots of different hides. Good luck John C

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