Automatic tanner (need advice)

Submitted by Todd B on 12/10/00. ( )

Here is the deal, I have the chance to purchase a used auto tanner for a decent price.
I looked at it and needless to say I was a little dissapointed. I did
not realize how small the thing actually is. What I need advice on
is this. Do you all that use one think it would be a good buy for a taxidermist
who averages 6 to 7 deer a year? I take in more fish than anything but
have been working on doing some more mammals. I know it would be
a personal decision but wanted a little input from some of you guys and gals.

Todd B

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I think it would be a good thing for a shop like yours

This response submitted by John C on 12/10/00. ( )

You can tan 10 hides and have them shaved by Wednesday evening. Then you could of course have that 10 mounted by the following Friday a week later. less finish work. You could have 10 deer from skinned to delivered with in 20 days.

you figure what you would make? or $$$$. I would not be without mine, hell I know someone who abused mine and did most of his deer for the year over a three week period, his mounts lack some quality but he still got then done. He did about 40 in thirty days.

I have found that skins tend to let out nicely and a 22 inch deer will easily fit a 22 inch form, I have seen some let out from 20 to 23, I dont like to do that with a deer, I also have not used any of the urethane glues with that tan, I would not be without mine.

You can put a green bellied carnivore in it and it will tan it for you. Shoul dyou over tan alittle clear cool water will relax it. The small machine is a bit tight for elk but can be done. 2-3 deer work in it well. E-mail me if you need more info. John C

I agree

This response submitted by Art on 12/10/00. ( )

with John. I love my tanner. I'm using the new tan they came out with
and I love it. Minimal shrinkage also locks in the hair.

Gotta go with the rest

This response submitted by Kent Palazzo on 12/11/00. ( )

Gotta go along with John and Art. I love mine and would'nt be without it. No waiting for skins to or from tannery. Quicker turn around time means more $$$. Don't think you would be disapointed on purchasing one Todd.

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